CHICKEN LIVERS  1095  Campo Lindo Farm chicken livers sautéed in a sweet vermouth butter with Rain’s Farm Tamworth bacon, onions, mushrooms and garlic


HUMMUS   0700 house made herbed hummus served with house made pita bread


BLUE BIRD SALAD   1375   small 0975 organic mixed greens tossed with Maytag blue cheese, toasted Missouri Northern pecans and candied organic onion slivers in a blueberry vinaigrette


SPINACH  SALAD 1175  small  0775   organic spinach tossed in a raspberry vinaigrette and topped with organic toasted walnuts and house made ricotta cheese


SALMON BENEDICT*   1900 pan seared wild caught King salmon, tomatoes, organic baby spinach, lemon herb aioli, house made hollandaise and Campo Lindo Farm poached eggs on an organic English muffin


STEAK AND POLENTA BENEDICT   1600  Good Nature Family Farm all natural beef steak, seared and sliced,  tomato, all natural havarti cheese, and Campo Lindo Farm poached eggs on organic baked polenta topped with house made hollandaise


TOFU SCRAMBLE   0795 Central Soy smoked tofu sautéed with organic baby spinach, roma tomatoes, onions, garlic and mushrooms with a side of roasted potatoes and an organic vegan whole wheat english muffin


17th STREET BENEDICT*   1300 our classic with sautéed mushrooms, organic baby spinach, caramelized onions, all natural feta cheese, capers, and Campo Lindo Farm poached eggs covered in house made hollandaise on an organic English muffin


GREEN CURRY   1200 house made curry with fresh vegetables, including potatoes, onions, mushrooms and carrots simmered in organic coconut milk and served over seasoned rice

add Central Soy tofu  0350 | add Campo Lindo Farm chicken  0450


Meatloaf BENEDICT   1200 Chef Prince’s Golden Rule Farm grass-fed beef meatloaf over roasted potatoes topped with organic diced tomatoes, Campo Lindo Farm poached eggs and house made organic mushroom gravy


OMeLETTE OF TODAY*   1200 Campo Lindo Farm cage free eggs folded over organic red and yellow sweet peppers, spinach and feta


CIABATTA FRENCH TOAST   1000   half order 0700   served with pure maple from Shaker Mountain Farm and organic butter flavored with Missouri Northern pecans   


Sweet potato AND GRANOLA PANCAKES   0900   half order 0600  freshly prepared with organic white wheat flour, Thane Palmberg Farm sweet potatoes, granola, and a touch of fresh cinnamon; served with pure maple  syrup from Shaker Mountain Farm


TRIO*   1100 ciabatta French toast, two Campo Lindo Farm eggs, and house made Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch heritage turkey sausage


BISCUITS AND GRAVY*   1200 organic cream gravy with mushrooms and local herbs over house made white wheat biscuits, two Campo Lindo Farm eggs and organic potatoes



*Consumption of raw or undercooked eggs or meat may be harmful to your health

20% gratuity added to tables of 6 or more

We proudly serve complimentary house-purified drinking water to our guests