Our menu is subject to change based on delivery of local farms and organic suppliers


starters and salads

house cured salmon   1100   citrus house cured wild Alaskan salmon, organic herbed cream cheese, Thane Palmberg green onion and capers with an organic toasted English muffin  


meatballs   1100  Golden Rule Farm grass fed beef, onion and garlic balled and braised, then smothered in a house made marinara sauce


deviled eggs  0600 Campo Lindo cage free eggs, hard boiled and deviled with citrus herb filling


blue bird salad   1000  organic mixed greens tossed with house made blueberry vinaigrette and topped with crumbled Maytag bleu cheese, toasted pecans and caramelized onion


mixed greens salad  0900  Goode Acres Farm apple, toasted garlic chips, and organic mixed greens tossed in blue bird bistro garden mint vinaigrette


soup of the day 0700  ask us what's warm in the kitchen


lunch entrees


meatloaf  1400  Golden Rule Farm grass fed ground beef mixed and baked, served open face on Farm to Market sourdough bread with a smear of horseradish sauce, Nature's Choice Farm arugula and organic mushroom cream gravy


creole tofu  1400  Central Soyfood smoked tofu dusted with our Creole mix and pan seared  on dirty rice drizzled with a Creole vegan butter sauce and sautéed Wood Mood Garden green beans


salmon *  1600   pan seared wild caught Alaskan sockeye  salmon served with lemon herb aioli, sautéed farm fresh vegetables and seasoned organic rice


moroccan stew  1400  organic chick peas and tomatoes stewed with a blue bird bistro flair over seasoned rice     

                add Campo Lindo Farm roasted chicken  0450


black bean shepherd's pie   0900   organic black beans simmered with organic  caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms and Central Soyfood smoked tofu  in a tomato sauce, topped with mashed potatoes and served with organic mixed greens tossed in blueberry vinaigrette


green curry  1300  house made curry with farm fresh vegetables, onions, mushrooms and carrots simmered in organic coconut milk served over seasoned rice                                                                                                                        

   add Campo Lindo Farm roasted chicken  0450  |   add Central Soy smoked tofu  0350




bison burger*   1375   KC Buffalo Ranch  grass fed bison patty on a house made bun topped your way and served with your choice of side


toppings:  tomato, onion, greens, horseradish aioli, house made ketchup, organic stone ground mustard, mayo, 

add Maytag blue cheese 0300 | fried egg 0200 | Local Pig house cured bacon 0350  | havarti cheese 0100 | sautéed mushrooms 0050 | caramelized onion 0050   


black bean burger   1000  house made organic black bean patty studded with mushrooms, onions, carrots, corn and a hint of jalapeno served on a house made bun with your choice of toppings and a side


loose burger *  1275  Barham Family Farm  grass fed beef simmered with mushrooms, onions, diced tomato and havarti served on an organic  bun and your choice of side


catfish sandwich*    1100 South Carolina farm raised organic cornmeal encrusted catfish fillet topped with  lemon caper aioli, organic onions and greens on house made bun with your choice of side



*These foods can be cooked to order

Consumer Advisory: Consumption of raw or undercooked eggs or meat may be harmful to your health